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Scheme of Grant-in-aid to Voluntary and other Organizations Working for Scheduled Castes

4.2 The above is not exhaustive but merely an illustrative list of items for which assistance may be provided. It will be open to the Government of India to provide assistance for any other purpose connected with the activities referred to in para 3.1 above.


5.1. The quantum of assistance shall be determined in each case on merit. The Government of India may, however, meet 90% of the approved expenditure on any or all the items enumerated in para 4.1 and 4.2 above. The remaining expenditure is to be met by the concerned voluntary organization from its own sources.

5.2. In cases involving reimbursement of tuition fee to the training institution 90% of the amount approved per student per training module shall be released. The balance ant shall be paid by the student herself.

5.3. The component of assistance for construction of building stands delinked from the Scheme and if deemed necessary would be considered by standing Finance Committee on case to case basis keeping in view the broad parameters for similar purpose in other Schemes of the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.


6.1. For SCs with disability, the grant in aid will be admissible under this scheme for all the items of assistance which are admissible under grant in aid schemes of Disability Development Division for Persons with Disabilities. The eligibility norms of assistance, procedure for inspection and all other details either contained in the various schemes of disability development division or issued by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment from time to time shall be applicable mutants for providing grant-in- aid for various activities relating to SCs with disabilities.

6.2. The Division will identify reputed and established NGOs which could be asked to set up facilities in those areas where various facilities for SCs have not developed and rural and other inaccessible areas either themselves or in partnership with the NGOs. These NGOs may also undertake the work of training of the NGOs including the new ones.

6.3. NGOs having presence in more than one State and having more than one branch will be eligible to receive for each of its branches grants for meeting expenditure on administrative overheads involving supervision and monitoring of the performance of its various branches. Each branch can apply separately or under the parent body.

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