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Inspection and Monitoring Procedure


  1. State-wise panels would be prepared by each Bureau / NGO Division.The application for the new projects would be sanctioned on the recommendation of the State Panel / State Government.
  2. The assisted voluntary organization would be required to submit annual reports in the prescribed format indicating physical achievements and utilization progress regarding released funds.
  3. In addition, voluntary organizations shall be required to incorporate in their report the actual number of beneficiaries who may have been rehabilitated in different callings where the voluntary organizations are involved in such tasks.Keeping data on this aspect also would help the Ministry to make an assessment of the impact of its policies on the ultimate beneficiary and also help in grading voluntary organizations.
  4. The Annual Report that would be submitted shall include the details of the entire gamut of their activities and the financial assistance they may be receiving from all the sources for all the projects they are undertaking. Financial assistance received under any head may also be included in the report with the purpose for which the assistance may have been extended.
  5. Periodic interaction on regional basis between voluntary organizations, beneficiaries, and Ministry's officials should be arranged.
  6. Whenever funds are released, information about it should be sent to the District authorities, Zila Parishad, the MP and MLA representing the region.
  7. In a prescribed format, the voluntary organization should report the progress achieved on half yearly basis.This shall enable comparisonwith the project projections that may have made at the beginning of the year.
  8. State-wise panels of designated agencies would be prepared by each bureau/NGO Division for carrying out periodic physical inspection of the working of the assisted Voluntary Organization.These agencies could be the National Institutes, Institues of Social work Universities etc. in the respective States.
  9. For ongoing projects, inspection would be carried out by teams deputed by the designated agency for this purpose.
  10. Inspection would be carried out by Ministry officials each year in 5% of the cases.
  11. The designated agency would be released an amount of Rs. 3000/- per month or the amount that may be agreed upon for the maintenance of records and would perform its role as such for a period of two years.
  12. The inspection team from the designated agency shall also be paid remuneration that would not exceed 1% of the assistance that is being given to the NGO and which would further be subject to the ceilings prescribed from time to time by the Ministry.

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