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Integrated Programme for Older Persons (Revised Scheme effective from 01.04.2015)


There has been a steady rise in the population of older persons in India. The number of elder persons has increased from 19.8 millions in 1951 to 76 millions in 2001, and 103.8 millions in 2011. The projection indicates that the number of 60+ in India will increase to 116.10 millions in 2016, 143.20 millions in 2021 and 173.2 millions in 2026. Continuous increase in life expectancy means that more people are now living longer. General improvement in the health care facilities over the years is one of the main reasons for continuing increase in proportion of population of senior citizens. Ensuring that they not merely live longer, but lead a secure, dignified and productive life is a major challenge.

The traditional norms and values of the Indian society laid stress on showing respect and providing care for the aged. However, in recent times, society is witnessing a gradual but definite withering of the joint family system, as a result of which a large number of parents are being neglected by their families exposing to lack of emotional, physical and financial support. These older persons are facing a lot of problems in the absence of adequate social security. This clearly reveals that ageing has become a major social challenge and there is a need to provide for the economic and health needs of the elderly and to create a social milieu, which is conducive and sensitive to emotional needs of the elderly.


The main objective of the Scheme is to improve the quality of life of the Older Persons by providing basic amenities like shelter, food, medical care and entertainment opportunities and by encouraging productive and active ageing through providing support for capacity building of Government / Non-Governmental Organizations / Panchayati Raj Institutions / local bodies and the Community at large.


Assistance under the scheme will be given to the Panchayati Raj Institutions / local bodies and eligible Non-Governmental Voluntary Organizations for the following purposes:-

  • Programmes catering to the basic needs of Older Persons particularly food, shelter and health care to the destitute elderly;
  • Programmes to build and strengthen intergenerational relationships particularly between children / youth and Older Persons;
  • Programmes for encouraging Active and Productive Ageing;
  • Programmes for proving Institutional as well as Non Institutional Care / Services to Older Persons;
  • Research, Advocacy and Awareness building programmes in the field of Ageing; and
  • Any other programmes in the best interests of Older Persons.

To apply online under the Integrated Programme for Older Persons, please click on the link below

Online NGO Portal 

An integrated Programme for older persons Scheme Document  pdf (size :.64MB)

NGO wise Grants in Aid released during 2015-16 under the scheme integrated Programme for Older Persons (IPOP)  pdf (size :.14MB)

State wise amount released number of projects assisted and beneficiaries covered during 2015-16  pdf (size :.05MB)

Procedure for Online Application for GIA under IPOP Scheme

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